What is Active Isolated Stretching

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a muscle stretching and strengthening technique that allows for a gradual, gentle stretch of the specific muscles to maximize its length, flexibility and power. Also known as the Mattes Method, AIS was developed some 40 years ago by Aaron Mattes, a Florida kinesiologist. Mattes believes that a two-second, 10-repetition stretch to specific muscles avoids over-engaging the stretch reflex and allows maximum stretch of the muscle. This restores the greatest level of function to the muscles, tendons, vertebrae, ligaments, and joints. One of its most important benefits is that AIS promotes stronger superficial and deep muscle fascial structures, which can create greater overall power through increased flexibility and strength.

AIS has been described, as "assisted therapeutic stretching," since the trained practitioner coaches the patient to more effectively and gently stretch a muscle that he or she may have thought was inflexible. Once learned, these stretching skills can be used by the patient to stretch daily at home.

Patrick Kincart, LMT works with patient's hamstrings to alleviate lower back/hip problems.

Fundamentals Of AIS

AIS is safe, effective, efficent and a proven technique, which is used by anyone ranging from professional athletes, casual athletes, to desk jockeys and accident victims. AIS helps to reduce pain increase flexibility and improve your body's performance.

Foot protocol for shin splints, plantar fascitis, sprains, strains and or reccurent ankle problems.

Lower back and hip protocol to help with lower back and hip pain, increase range of motion and empower the user.

Neck and upper-back protocol reduces headaches, "whiplash", neck/shoulder problems and restores natural posture.

Specific Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching are:

  • AIS Reduces and eleminates chronic pain
  • AIS Increases flexibility and range of motion, promotes deeper, more effective breathing
  • AIS improves flexibility and health of muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • AIS speeds removal of toxins in the muscles and reduces stiffness and pain.
  • AIS improves capacity for activity, since stretched muscles requires less energy.
  • Injury prevention and speeds recovery.
Active Isolated Stretching