About Patrick Kincart

Patrick Kincart, LMT, began his body work career at the Australian School of Applied Sciences in Brisbane in 1994. After obtaining his Oregon Massage License in 1995, he opened his own practice, BodyWorks. Since then he has continued studying the intricate workings of muscles, pain reduction, and how the body and mind can work together to affect healing. Five years ago, when he discovered Aaron Mattes' work, called Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) Kincart realized that it was the "new school" of stretch therapy.

The principle behind AIS is to gently stretch the muscle, while overriding the brain's signal to guard the muscle and make it immovable. Kincart is the only therapist offering AIS services in Central Oregon. He specializes in providing muscle treatment for soft-tissue problems. He studied with Mattes at Aaron Mattes Therapy clinic in Sarasota, Florida and assists in teaching AIS seminars around the country. He is excited about sharing the amazing benefits of the technique with others.

He currently is working with local sports trainers, chiropractors, physicians, physical therapists, athletes, coaches, and golf pros, in demonstrating and promoting Active Isolated Stretching.

Active Isolated Stretching