Before I came to see Patrick at BodyWorks, I had middle back pain for almost two years. I tried some other medical treatments. It was very frustrating because my back still hurt and I thought I had to quit activities that I believed would make the pain worse. Plus, the chronic pain made me "crabby" with my family.

After the first stretching treatment I no longer needed my prescription pain meds and, after several more treatments and doing the exercises at home, the pain is completely gone. I don't know what to think of anymore, because I don't have to think of guarding my back from pain. Last weekend I went skiing and had absolutely no pain in my back. The BodyWork he does is amazing!

Beverly Timm
Mother of five, computer worker, recreational assistant

Patrick has helped me with a plethora of muscle problems over the years. His Active Isolated Stretching therapy has helped to loosen my problem tight calf muscles (from skiing and running) and recently the AIS neck protocol has helped reduce my stress and headache pain.

Working with Patrick also has helped relieve a tight spot in my shoulder blade, which seems to be where I hold most of my stress. My lower back pain has decreased from chronic to sporadic. The stretching and muscle work has made it easier for me to work out and recreate on a regular basis, without the regular pain.

I have referred others to Patrick, and they seem extremely satisfied with his work, as I am. I will continue to recommend him to people who suffer with muscle problems.

Rod Ray
President, Bend Research

"After several sessions of AIS with Patrick Kincart, I found the AIS technique to be extremely helpful. Not only does it create excellent stretching for all muscle groups in the areas we focused on, but because I am actively participating, I am simultaneously working on core strengthening and stabilization in my intrinsic muscle groups. This work is therapeutic, oriented toward active participation from the client, as well as relaxing and rejuvenating."
Allison Suran, PT, GCFP
Owner, Healing Bridge Physical Therapy

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